Admissions to Ph.D. Programme - 2023

Revised Notice for Ph.D. Admission (Phase-1) 2023 (dated 19.9.2023)
Admission Form and Undertakings for Ph.D. Admission (Phase-1)-2023-2024  (dated 18.09.2023)
Fee Structure for Ph.D. Admission (Phase-1) 2023-2024 (dated 18.09.2023)
Ph.D. Admission Result (Phase-1) 2023-2024 (dated 5.9.2023)
Notice for Candidates for Ph.D. Interviews Phase-I (dated 25.8.2023)
List of Candidates found Not Eligible to appear in direct Ph.D. Interview Phase-I (dated 24.8.2023)
List of Candidates for Ph.D. Interviews Phase-I (dated 19.8.2023)
Public Notice Issued by NTA  (dated 9.8.2023)
PHD Bulletin of Information of D.U.
NTA PHD BOI 2023-2024
Notice : Ph.D. Admissions 2023 (Phase-I) (dated 11.8.2023)
Ph.D. e-Prospectus - 2023