About the Academic Programmes

Doctor of Philisophy (Ph.D.) Programme in Education 
The Doctoral Programme in Education aims to develop an understanding of research, public policy and educational practice, and the relationships among them. It begins with a study of specific courses followed by rigorous research leading to a dissertation.
The coursework allows students to study individualised courses tailored to their research interests. These could be a combination of courses designed within the Department of Education and those chosen from courses across disciplines offered by other departments of the University of Delhi, including courses on qualitative and quantitative research methods. The doctoral program is based on the premise that rigorous research will help develop a cadre of professionals who can acquire specialised knowledge in educational practice and public policy areas. The programme prepares students to assume roles as university faculty members, senior-level educational leaders, professional practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.
Prospective students should investigate the research interests of the Department faculty and discuss courses that can be offered to complete the application for admission.
Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) Programme in Education 
The M.Phil. Programme is a crucial preparatory programme for prospective researchers at the pre-doctoral level. The programme is designed to give students a firm grounding in educational research and to build conceptual foundations in specific areas of advanced studies in education. In addition, it is intended for students with professional goals as educational practitioners in various settings, which may include careers as college and university faculty, researchers, managers, and development professionals in government, non-government and autonomous research organisations and development agencies; policy analysts, planners, educational consultants; academic and professional leaders in the school system etc.
Master of Education (M.Ed.) Programme 
The Master of Education (M.Ed.) programme is a crucial step in the preparation of Educational Researchers, Educational Administrators and Teacher Educators. CIE has a full-time programme of Two-years duration. The M.Ed. programme has gained considerable popularity, reflected in almost 800 aspirants competing for 50 seats this year! The M.Ed. scholars, apart from receiving a rich grounding in Educational Theory, are encouraged to take up Dissertation work in diverse areas of Education as part of their research training. These areas include Special Education, Mental Health Education, Educational Administration, Science and Social Science Education, Teacher Education, Educational Technology and Curriculum and Pedagogy this year. The M.Ed. Scholars are also being trained for tutorship and school supervision. In addition, regular in-house Research Seminars are conducted to develop their research acumen and potential.
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Programme 
The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) is the full-time Two-Years duration flagship programme of our Institute. It is rated as one of the best programmes of its kind in the country. Through the 60 years of its history, this programme has undergone many transformations, at least some of which have contributed to its continued relevance to the changing demands of teacher education in our country. Currently, we are engaged in the process of conceptualising and developing an innovative two-year programme. B.Ed. is the first formal preparation for educators, although its primary focus is secondary school teaching. It is also seen as an initial professional degree for those who may wish to pursue further studies and professional specialisations in management institutions and systems, policy-making and planning, curriculum development, managing examinations, developing textbooks, guidance and counselling, working in alternative school systems, teacher education and educational research.
The B.Ed. Programme in CIE at present is characterised by a rich School Experience Programme, an EPC Programme for students and many Co-Curricular Activities, including Sports, which contribute towards more holistic teacher preparation. B.Ed. is offered in two other colleges of the University of Delhi and the CIE.  An effort is made for facilitative inter-institutional collaboration and coordination on all-important decisions concerning this programme.