Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Programme

The Doctoral Programme in Department of Education is a full time course offered after Master’s/M.Phil. Degree.
The Doctoral Programme in Education aims to develop a systematic understanding of research in education by unfolding its various dimensions as an organized area of study. The program envisages to prepare the scholars to undertake a sysematized enquiry and orient them to study, design, and examine problems in education both, conceptually and empirically. It offers an opportunity for scholars to interact and learn from faculty from diverse disciplines of Education. The doctoral programme carries a holistic and inclusive approach towards the multi-dimensional nature of education in today’s globalized world. It allows an in-depth study in the core and perspective areas of education such as, educational theory, foundational areas of education, eductional practice and policy related concerns in education. It also comprises a systematic introduction to courses in research methodology which will enable the scholars to undertake qualitative, longtitudinal, ethnographic, phenomenological, comparative, and quantitave works in education as an area of study.

The course-work gives scholars an opportunity to study individualized courses customized to suit their research interests. These could be a combination of courses designed within the Department of Education and those chosen from courses across disciplines offered by other departments of the University of Delhi. The doctoral program intends to develop a fraternity of scholars and professionals with significant critical, analytical, divergent and synthesizing abilities, who can develop specialised knowledge in the field of education . The programme prepares the scholars to assume roles as teacher educators, researchers, consultants, educational leaders, professional practitioners, and policy makers.
Prospective students should investigate the research interests of the Department faculty, and discuss courses that can be offered in order to complete the application for admission.