Master in Education (M.Ed.) Programme

The Master of Education Programme of the Department of Education (Central Institute of Education) was launched almost simultaneously with the Bachelor of Education Programme in the early years after the independence of our country. It was conceived as a professional programme for advanced study of the discipline of Education.


1. Programme Structure

The Master of Education Programme is a full time programme for duration of two academic years.
2. Courses of Study
The objective of this programme is to develop in-depth knowledge and specialization in education among the students of the M.Ed. programme. This is in keeping with NCTE (National Council for Teacher Education) norms, which states that the M.Ed. programme should encourage students to “extend as well as deepen their knowledge and understanding of education, specialize in select areas and also develop research capacities.”

The programme is divided into five components:
  1. Research Methods: These consist of two Courses and a Seminar Course to strengthen the understanding of research.
  2. Perspective Courses: These help students to develop knowledge of different areas viewed as critical for education. Broadly, it reflects areas, for example, philosophical, sociological, psychological, teacher education, and historical and economic foundations of education.
  3. Specialization Courses: These comprise of a list of optional Courses to enhance understanding in a specialized field of study in education.
  4. Project work
  5. Dissertation
3. Programme Transaction
The M.Ed. Programme involves lectures, discussions, practicum, student presentations, group work, school-based assignments, sessional tasks and seminars.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction for M.Ed. is English. The medium of writing research dissertation and examination can be either English or Hindi depending upon the student’s choice. However, the medium of examination chosen by a student cannot be changed from one paper to another; it should remain same for the entire examination including the dissertation.
The working hours are 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday to Saturday).

As per NCTE the minimum attendance of students shall be 80 % for Theory Courses and Practicum, and 90% for Field Attachment.