Professor Pankaj Arora
Head & Dean Central Institute of Education
University of Delhi

From the Desk of Head and Dean, CIE

The University of Delhi is a prestigious century old institution recognized worldwide for its exceptional academic standards. Since its establishment in 1922, the university has steadfastly upheld the principles of openness, diversity, acceptance, and amity, reflected through a myriad of special activities and programs designed to commemorate and reinforce its visionary ethos. The University embraces its motto, "Nishtha Dhriti Satyam," which is upheld by the values of quality, truthfulness, and dedication, as a symbol of its long-term dedication to nation-building. We are proud that University of Delhi is ranked 220 in QS ranking for the year 2023, which is highest amongst all the Indian educational institution.

The Central Institute of Education was founded shortly after independence by the Indian government in 1947 as the premier center for professional study and research in education, upon the suggestion of Maulana Azad, the country's then-education minister. Along with running a teacher education program that would serve as a model for other institutes around the nation, the institute was to advise the Indian government on matters of education.

The former education minister, Maulana Azad, had an idea for CIE that went beyond training "model teachers" to become a hub for creative and long-lasting solutions to the nation's educational issues. He foresaw that CIE would develop into "a beacon light for training institutions of the nation.” The Department of Education, University of Delhi, was established in 1979 when CIE joined the university. The department has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the ideals of its founders and has participated in numerous important education commissions and committees, such as the well-known Mudaliar Commission, whose member secretary is Professor Ananth Nath Basu, a native of Shanti Niketan. I am greatly inspired by Dr. Sharda Mani (Chechi), Professor R.P. Sharma, Professor K.K.Jain and Dr. Chand Kiran Saluja, who have all made major contributions to the rich student-teacher relationship.

The Department was founded in the year 1947 and is commemorating its 76th year of unwavering dedication to serve the interests of the nation. It is imperative to mention that CIE is playing its significant role in endorsing and implementing the vision of National Education Policy 2020 by engaging and organizing various activities and programs envisioned in the policy. The policy's revolutionary vision embodies an India built upon the pillars of justice, equity, affordability, and accessibility. In keeping with this vision, at the Department of Education, we embrace the responsibility of shaping the educational landscape with a profound sense of purpose. It is our firm belief that education serves as the cornerstone of societal transformation, and through our innovative pedagogical approaches and research endeavors, we endeavor to empower the next generation of educators, thinkers, and policymakers. Students at CIE are imbued with strong values and a sense of belonging due to the department's rich cultural traditions and ethos, which have a profound effect on them. As an academic institution, we are deeply honored to embrace the adage, "Once of CIE, always of CIE," signifying the enduring bond and shared dedication to excellence it represents.

With Best Wishes!

Pankaj Arora

76th Foundation Day, December 19, 2023, CIE Annual Report 2023