About Computer Center with Some Pictures

The Centre has 45 workstations to make the learning process a collective experience with LAN. This interconnectivity is extended to all faculty members for enhanced academic interaction with the students. The library and other administrative facilities are also connected to make information processing easier. Web access and across the university connectivity is available to all students round the clock. All faculty members are offered computer systems with LAN/WAN connectivity for browsing, networking online for academic transactions, internal messaging and other communications.
Special hardware resources are available to give scholars the best in designing facility. The facility is supported by two online UPS systems to ensure an undisturbed learning and working environment. A well-trained staff is available.
The Computer Centre offers challenges for research to interested scholars in the field of computer education, to the visually challenged, curriculum development for the disadvantaged, creation of a database for digital films, development of CAL material, online learning material and so on.
Application, Design and Pedagogy with Technology (ADAPT) - a course planned for M.Ed. students - attempts to enable them to develop a research review database which can be uploaded, as an online review reference. Through this, they have been able to develop digital film recordings of classroom processes which will also be made available online. They are also taught qualitative and quantitative software applications. Quantitative as well as qualitative data analysis software is accessible, along with high- speed connectivity within the Department as well as with World Wide Web to enable research and analysis projects.
A much needed teaching methodology paper in Computer Science is in the process of being designed for implementation in the near future. The Enhance Professional Course (EPC) which is being offered as primary training in Computer Education to our B.Ed. students and is likely to be replicated in other institutions affiliated to us.
Recently, the Computer Centre was upgraded with latest Computers and two LED Projectors. The web site is being up-graded and re-launched and would include facilities for on line placement.